Kamo is Adopted!

Kamo is Adopted!

It has been almost two months since Kamo came to VPAS with a badly broken jaw and a damaged eye. The vets at Shaw Pet Hospitals repaired Kamo's broken jaw and she is well on her road to recovery.

Kamo has recently gone to a loving foster home where she is working hard to recover from her injuries. Thus far things are going well and Kamo is settling right in to her new digs. Here is a brief update from Kamo's foster mom.

She has a really good appetite. Frankly I didn't think she could fit a quarter can of food into herself but she just tucks into it and eats everything. Kamo and Boo are both sleeping on my bed, one on each pillow. Pretty well the only time we keep Kamo in a separate room is if she is eating as the other cats are such piglets and we don't want them taking over Kamo's meal. Kamo is such a friendly cat, as soon as I sit down she is on me. Kamo loves being brushed and is discovering the joys of tummy-rubs. Kamo is such a blessing in our lives, I hope and pray that her follow up vet exam is positive so we can apply to adopt her.

Dec 18th/09: Kamo had her last vet check yesterday and has had the wire taken out of her jaw. It is healed very well and Kamo is now good as new. Her foster family has fallen head over heals in love with her and has decided to give her a forever home.

We would like to thank everyone who donated funds to help with Kamo's medical bills and gave her a second chance at life. She is loving life and can't get enough attention. Thank you everyone!