Mopsy - ADOPTED!


Mopsy is a beautiful lilac point rabbit who is looking for a home where she will be an indoor bunny living as part of the family. Last year, Mopsy developed cataracts that caused glaucoma and she had to have both of her eyes removed. Due to her new condition, it takes Mopsy some time to become comfortable with new people and in new environments, but once she knows you she's a real people-bunny (she enjoys spending lots of time with her human friends.) She is easily bribed with treats, but of course we have to limit those so that her waist line doesn't expand any further than it already is. Mopsy is not used to being confined to a cage, but she is litter trained and very clean, so she's easy to care for. Caring for a blind rabbit does take some consideration and is a bit different than caring for a rabbit with full sight, but it's not much more work. It's just important to introduce them to changes slowly.

Mopsy has been in foster care during her time with us. Here is what her foster mom wrote about her:

"Mopsy is a beautiful, sweet natured girl. She can be a little shy at first, but if you are very slow and gentle with her she will soon become your best friend. Right now she has a whole room to herself and likes to hang out with me when I study in the evenings and she nose-pokes me for treats. She is litter trained and she loves to run around and jump in the whole house. As a prey animal rabbits generally don`t like to be picked up but Mopsy will tolerate it if need be. Right now Mopsy is working on some clicker training and learning some cool tricks - we have `stand up` mastered. She is easily motivated by food, and she comes running with the crinkle of the treat bag. She has found out that a little bit of pomegranate is super yummy! She will give lots of loving chin rubs to the hand that feeds her. Mopsy is a very clean and easy bunny who just wants a loving human to love her and spend time with her."

In the past Mopsy has gotten along with different rabbits, but now that she is blind she's nervous about meeting new friends. She was sharing her foster home with another rabbit to which she was bonded, but unfortunately, he passed away last year & now she's all alone again. However, Mopsy is very happy living as an only-rabbit so would prefer to be in a home by herself as long as she has lots of human attention.

If you'd like more info about Mopsy, please email She is currently waiting for a foster home; our Foster-to-Adopt program is a great option to inquire about for Mopsy.

Please note that Mopsy has been spayed.