Mou Mouh

MM on his Bunny Blanket 2.jpg

Mou Mouh was adopted from VPAS after being with us for almost 1 year. Here's what his new family has to say about him....

"I would say that he has truly adapted to his new home and is enjoying himself thoroughly.  He is a real little buddy as well as he faithfully runs out to greet us when we get home from work each day or if one of us is sick, he will stick very close at hand.  He is cuddly at night and always crawls under the blankets with me when I go to bed. He still likes to play by hiding on us, then leaping out at the last minute and scaring the life out of us.  I think he just likes to hear the shrieking and laughter it causes.  He truly is a wonderfully special little guy and we both love him with all our hearts; we enjoy his company more and more all of the time."