Gemma (Now Gamma)


Gemma came to VPAS from a veterinarian with a sad story. She had been taken to the vet to be put to sleep because her owner passed away and the person left to care for Gemma did not want her. The vet did not feel comfortable euthanizing Gemma because she was not ill or suffering, so she asked that Gemma come to VPAS so that we could find her a new home. At first Gemma was a little nervous with her new surroundings but she soon flourished and found a wonderful new home. Here is the update from Gemma's new mom:

Gamma is the most affectionate and lovable kitty. She seems to sense how much I need her love and she certainly has mine. As soon as I am on the couch she is right there with me, and her favorite spot is on my chest where she purrs contentedly. When I am on the couch she is right beside me and she wants to be close to me all the time. She is the most lovable and cuddly kitty and I am so happy to be her new mom. She has made a great difference to me and I know she is really happy with me, what more can I say? I need her as much as she needs me. Thank you so much. The two of us are a good pair.