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Cats and Kittens

Sylvia Silver Claws

ssc 2.jpg

This beautiful tabby is Sylvia Silver Claws. She is a lovely girl who lost her home when her owner had to move out of town. Sylvia is a confident cat who likes attention and wants to be part of what's going on in the household. She loves to hang out on the couch and watch TV with you, or to play with her feather on a string toy. Sylvia is now 12 years old so she's not a high energy cat, but she's fairly spray and active. Her favourite activities are eating, lounging in the sun, and hanging out with her people.

Daisy & Poppy

IMG_0179 (2).JPG

Daisy and Poppy are mother and daughter who are very bonded and looking for a home together. This pair are quite different from one another so their personalities compliment each other well.

Bliss & Spice

B&S small.jpg

Bliss and Spice are a mother/daughter pair who are incredibly bonded and are looking for a home together. These two are energetic, playful, sweet, and sassy.



Hermes is a sweet, senior boy who is looking for a quiet retirement home. He is a laid-back cat who spends his days napping in the sun and lounging on the couch. At this stage in his life, Hermes' priorities are sleeping, eating, and getting pets. He likes to sleep on the bed at night and sometimes even under the covers.

Abel - Adoption Pending

IMG_8149 (2).jpg

This sweet boy is Abel and he is an absolutely wonderful 2 year old cat. He came from another shelter and we have no history about him but he is an amazing cat and has obviously been well socialized. Abel has gotten along amazingly well with everyone that he's met: cats, dogs, and people. He is really great about reading a situation and can figure out when his house mates want to play vs when they want to be left alone.

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