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Cats and Kittens



Monster is a very handsome guy who is develops more personality each day. He is aptly named and manages to get into everything. He loves to explore new places, jump onto high things and climb up anything that looks interesting. He is quite high energy and is a fearsome hunter (he's indoors only but can hunt a feather toy like no other.) Monster loves to play with the other kittens but can be a little bit bossy with them sometimes. He likes to hoard the toys rather than sharing them. Monster has never met a dog before but he will likely do well with one if introduced properly.


casper 2.JPG

Casper is a great little guy who is ready to find his forever home. This guy is a very solid cat and while he is playful because he's a kitten, he's not terribly fast or agile because he is so big boned. He was the runt of his litter but he's more than making up for it now. He is a stocky boy! Casper plays well with other cats and enjoys running around with his siblings but he's also very content to play with toys on his own. He's quite independent and can entertain himself pretty well. Casper is really sweet and has a fantastic purr.



Eve is a very affectionate and loving cat and will make a wonderful companion for the right person. She will be a little shy and scared in her new home for a few days, but soon after she will start to venture out and check out her surroundings. She came from poor circumstances and was quite skittish when she first arrived. She's learning how to trust new people, but she doesn’t like to be near someone who is walking, and will always run away. However, as soon as you’re sitting down she will come right over to you. Eve loves to sit beside her foster mom and enjoys being petted and talked to.


Aaja 1.jpg

Aaja is a young girl who came to us at about 8 months of age. She was pregnant at the time and shortly thereafter had a litter of kittens. Now that Aaja's kittens have grown up and been adopted, she's ready to find a home of her own.

Skunk - ADOPTED!


Skunk is a very sweet little guy who will make a wonderful companion for his new family. He came to us from a poor situation, along with many other cats and kittens. They were all quite ill, but several weeks of good vet care and TLC has fixed him up and now he's ready to find his forever home. Skunk is playful, but he's also really snuggly. He has a great purr and is almost always kneading his little feet. Skunk is good with other cats, with dogs, and with children. Whoever ends up with this little guy will be very lucky!

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